5 Ways to Promote Social Justice on a Coronavirus Staycation

 5 Ways to Promote Social Justice on a Coronavirus Staycation

Many Americans are finding themselves at home with nothing to do over the next few weeks, but this time doesn’t have to be wasted. Use this opportunity to better yourself, your community, and the world.

1. Educate Yourself

Get started by reading up on your favorite cause and make sure you are well informed.  There is nothing more embarrassing than being stumped by a racist MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter because you didn’t have your facts straight. Are you an intersectional feminist? Sites like https://everydayfeminism.com/ or http://feministing.com/ will give you all the facts you’ll ever need about the Patriarchy.  The next time you are confronted by a man you will be able to confidently tell him exactly why he is an actual rapist. Interested in becoming an LGBTQIA+ advocate? Try sites like http://www.gaydata.org/  or https://www.advocate.com/ to stay up to date on new genders that are announced daily.

2. Correct Yourself

Use this time to take a good hard look in the mirror.  If you are white its past time to acknowledge your privilege.  Hint: if you don’t feel a heavy cloud of guilt, you’re not there yet.  If you are a POC contemplate your hardships in life, count them, list them.  White people have difficulty comprehending what life without privilege even means. The ability to clearly express the unfairness of inequality to them is invaluable.

3. Volunteer

There are many ways to donate your time at home.  Write letters to local politicians. Don’t be afraid to let your unique opinion be heard.  Let them know just how bad Orange Man really is. Share your fears of not being able to have any more abortions. If you are a creative and unique individual, use this time to make a stockpile of protest signs or create catchy chants for the next rally.

4. Use Your Social Media Voice

Create new accounts on Twitter and Facebook to high-five your comrades when they make witty puns. Get creative and make clever memes for your friends to enjoy.  These types of social media posts help boost morale and help to spread important messages.

5. Donate

There are many great organizations you can contribute to financially, don’t be afraid to go into a little debt for a worthy cause.  For example, donating the right political campaign could mean the world not ending in 11 years.  If you are white consider giving cash to your POC neighbors, even if they remain employed during this crisis they are still paid considerably less than a white person doing the same job and deserving of every equity boost they can get.

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Nora is a long time film lover and feminist, beginning with a kindergarten dissertation on the inherently misogynistic undertones of Disney's Cinderella. Having completed a double major in both Film and Gender Studies Nora could not be happier to have landed a job with a team who is as passionate as she is when it comes to social change. In addition to posting for The Inside Scoop, Nora is the Lead Reviewer at We Judge Movies and a contributor for NPCDaily.

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