7 Journalism Quotes That Changed My Life

 7 Journalism Quotes That Changed My Life

I am a journalist. Its not just a career, its a life choice, a calling. As I walk this path I carry with me quotes that that helped to form me into a more selfless being.  Quotes that, when I was young, guided me down a more righteous path. Quotes from journalists that taught me about life. I would like to share some of that journey with you.

Journalism is what maintains democracy. It’s the force for progressive social change.

Andrew Vachss

Without Journalism, democracy would die.  Logically we know this, but it wasn’t until I read this quote that I really understood the deep responsibility that came with being a journalist. Progressive and social change are the driving force behind every true journalist, they go hand in hand.

The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is a modern-day Nellie Bly. The only way I could respect him more is if he were a woman, and who knows, maybe one day he will be.  This quote could very well be the headline in the story of his life.  Sometimes, as a journalist, people will not give you the praise you so richly deserve. That is the path we walk in life.

There are more important things than sex, like journalism.

Dustin Levitt

Dustin has taught me that the simple pleasures in life sometimes have to be put aside in order to focus on the important things.  The reality is a journalist’s dry spells can go on for years and yet be so disappointing when it’s over it leaves you questioning why you bothered. Truth be told it is a small price to pay for the self-satisfaction gained by being a truly good person.

I see journalists as the manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate.

Marguerite Duras

Journalism is, at its heart, a blue-collar job.  We pour blood, sweat and tears into our work because we are passionate about giving the gift of words to our readers.

Journalists are the light in the dark, the Shepherds to all sheep, the servants of knowledge, and the warriors of truth.

Neville Croft

There are times, even for journalists, when we begin to feel like we don’t matter. In those times I bury myself in the writings of the great Neville Croft. Xe always reminds me of how truly significant my place is in the world. That people great and small look to me for guidance and would be truly lost without me.

Ratings don’t last. Good journalism does.

Dan Rather

I have this quote on a post-it note on my monitor. I read it out loud to myself several times a day. It’s important to remember that the words you leave behind are your legacy to the world. It doesn’t matter if no one reads your article today, it doesn’t matter.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.

George Orwell

Orwell reminds me every day that journalism isn’t always easy. Sometimes it means calling out bigotry in your own readers and hoping they will be progressive enough to see the gift you’ve given them. But, at the end of the day, if I wanted to be a capitalist shill in public relations I could have gone to school for that.

Nora Craft
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Nora Craft

Nora is a long time film lover and feminist, beginning with a kindergarten dissertation on the inherently misogynistic undertones of Disney's Cinderella. Having completed a double major in both Film and Gender Studies Nora could not be happier to have landed a job with a team who is as passionate as she is when it comes to social change. In addition to posting for The Inside Scoop, Nora is the Lead Reviewer at We Judge Movies and a contributor for NPCDaily.

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