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Outrage As ‘Inclusive Gamers’ Call Out Racism in PC Gaming

As systemic and inherent racism is finally exposed in all facets of American life, many journalists are unveiling investigations into just how deep this particularly racist rabbit hole goes. For years before Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he was obsessed with ideas about race. In his speeches and writings, Hitler spread his beliefs in […]Read More

Turning Your Man Cave Into A Progress Parlor

The predominately American cisgender, heterosexual male obsession with creating the perfect sports sanctuary in the home, or man caves as they are commonly known, is a trend that has been around for the majority of the 2000s. What started as “Dad’s Clubhouse” for friends and family quickly devolved into a running competition of who can […]Read More

12 Things That All Men Should Regret

Everyone does something in their life that they regret, however, it’s important to learn from the experience and grow from it. Sometimes it’s that one experience that you had in your childhood that teaches you a life lesson. Here is a list of eleven things that specifically all men should regret doing.Read More

7 Journalism Quotes That Changed My Life

I am a journalist. Its not just a career, its a life choice, a calling. As I walk this path I carry with me quotes that that helped to form me into a more selfless being.  Quotes that, when I was young, guided me down a more righteous path. Quotes from journalists that taught me […]Read More

Karen: The Newest Hate Symbol

Meet Karen.  She is your neighbor; she drives your kids to school when you work early.  She’s on the PTA and bakes for all the fundraisers.  She made you chicken soup the last time you had the flu. She’s a mother, a teacher, and a friend. And now, she’s the target of online harassment and […]Read More

5 Ways to Promote Social Justice on a Coronavirus Staycation

Many Americans are finding themselves at home with nothing to do over the next few weeks, but this time doesn’t have to be wasted. Use this opportunity to better yourself, your community, and the world. 1. Educate Yourself Get started by reading up on your favorite cause and make sure you are well informed.  There […]Read More